Sunday, 22 May 2011

Final outcome of F.M.P..

This is my final/exhibiton piece for my final major project as well as the
symbol for the end of foundation life...;(

box and some items...

My little grey cardboard suitcase.

Heres a few items that were in my box, a bit random but more
the better to create a story with!.

Some Printmaking...

I decided to go to printmaking and do an etching On the first day
it went wrong. I thought i would save some money and use an old
plate from a previous brief but it failed miserably and the acid
did not take to the plate enough and the image came out
dark no matter how little ink i applied. I admitted
defeat and came back the next day, bought
a new plate and all went well as you
can see!.

Final piece idea..

Heres a little mock up of how i want my final piece to look ilke . I 
was experimenting on used pieces of newsprint from
printmaking and loved the effect the ink made when
put your etching through the roller.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

F.M.P How are stories created?

For my final major project i decided to extend a brief i done way back in pathway. The brief was the 50 drawing one.
I decided i would do something similat ot this as it was my favourite brief i done in foundation. I really like creativty and
way you had to think on your feet on what you would do next to a piece or what it could become. It had great sustainablity
and this was a vital ingrediant for final major project which lasts 10 weeks!!

I decided to look at how stories are created. So i took the idea of the box of items and asked my classmates to put a random object into the box in which at the end of the collection round i had to create a story out of these objects. I done this because i beleived that if i had chosen the objects, knowing me i would have deliberatley picked certain things that would go together making my life easier!! but by asking other people it made the project more interesting and unknown.


View from our Hostel-we were in the posh part!!
The average shop was either Chanel, jimmy choos, cartier etc!!

Hostel staircase-reminded me of the spanish zombie horror REC!

Gaudi's unifinshed masterpiece-the Sagrada Familia.
Unbelievable architecture-i was in AWE!!


The architectural wonder that is St.Pauls cathedral.

The bright lights of picadilly circus.

HEEYYY!! sorry its been a while been preoccupied with
my final major project. Heres some snaps from our
foundation tripS to Barcelona and London. Barcelona
was my first trip abroad and it was stunning. It is probably
one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. London
was my first visit as well. It was so surreal seeing the icons in
real life like the eye, big ben and the gherkin plus many more.
London is truly spectacular and can easily see why it is labeled
one of the greatest cities in the world!! defo visiting again!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

My own Typography designs..

The hanging gardens of babylon.

Wood grain effect.


mixture of leftover inks.

String and brusho.

My favourite-the circus font.

American all star.

Just some of my own designs for the word AURA.
Most of these designs were just sitting doodling
and trying different ways of lettering-quite
relaxing actually!